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Corporate Deals is an innovative company that offers its customers the most modern and efficient ways to penetrate and engage in European and global markets. C.D. Corporate Deals (Cyprus) Ltd. has its headquarters in Nicosia, but mainly operates through its affiliates, Corporate Deals S.A. in Athens. Corporate Deals is a leading business consulting company that can provide excellent solutions to the establishment and registration of Greek, Cypriot and your international company in the field of banking – both corporate and personal, in the Tax Planning in Real Estate matters, contract various agreements and contracts, etc.

Our greatest asset is our human resources. The Corporate Deals team is made up of accountants, lawyers, and business executives in various recognized universities in Greece and abroad. Most members of the team have received postgraduate studies to keep up with the ever-changing business environment. Staff can also boast of the experience they have gained through various management positions in the international banking system, company accounts, investment projects, mergers and acquisitions, among others.

We will focus on the needs of our clients, and our services are performed according to the highest standards. Our customers will be able to rely on us. We focus on areas that matter to your business and understand the challenges you face. Every client, regardless of size, can count on the personal contribution of each member of the Corporate Deals team

Corporate Deals provide solutions that respond 100% to your problems, and cover almost every aspect of our clients’ business.

Foreign companies can use the even greater advantage of our support for the successful founding of companies operating in different countries around the world and can easily gain a competitive edge with outsourcing of project management.

C.D. Corporate Deals provides specialized business experts which can provide you excellent solutions!


    * Establishment of companies and renewal of operating licenses, always in compliance with the Legal and Regulatory Framework.
    * Provision of fiduciary services (registered office, directors, secretary and shareholders).
    * Preparation and maintenance of Minutes of the Board of Directors, Minutes of the Annual Meetings, Extraordinary Practices.
    * Preparation of business plans and feasibility studies.
    * Research and market analysis.
    * Business tips.
    * Credit risk analysis.
    * Virtual office services.
    * Help in choosing local partners correctly.
    * Settle translations and interpretations in compliance with local law.
    * Training of human resources.


    * Strategic Cash Flow Diagrams.
    * Periodic Financial Assessment, Book Keeping, Record Keeping.
    * Preparation and submission of financial statements.
    * Budget and Revenue forecasts.


    * Advising on tax issues relating to the establishment of various legal forms, including limited liability companies, trusts, etc.
    * Advice on personal tax issues.
    * Help with registration in the VAT system in Cyprus, United Kingdom, etc.
    * Calculation of VAT and submission of VAT returns.
    * Settlement of tax payments.
    * Preparation of tax returns.
    * Submit and maintain tax returns.


    * Opening bank accounts, issuing debit and credit cards, providing electronic banking services to banks of your choice in more than 20 countries worldwide.
    * Daily management of communication with the Bank.
    * Provide an account signer, if absolutely necessary.
    * Cash management.
    * Keeping bank statements.
    * Negotiation to achieve the best possible interest rates on time deposits, loans and other bank operations.


    * Debt debt to B2B customers in Cyprus, Greece and other EU countries.
    * A wide network of affiliates and presence in most international organizations related to debt collection.
    * Case handling by experienced employees and lawyers.
    * Use of the most up-to-date debt and software collection techniques.
    * Constantly informing our clients about the progress of their affairs.